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I think the meaning of the above manthra is a request to a source of everything to enlighten my intellect. This manthra has been in my consciousness for almost couple of decades and the importance of this manthra as a key to what seems to happen around me is increasing since then. Everything around you is a key source of knowledge and teaches you something if we could sense it close enough. There are lot of literature written in this aspect, like the Avdhuta Geeta. Since our consciousness is result of what we make out of through our senses and what we learn and infer from those patterns, and since our intellect is the gate-keeper in that path, the Gayathri Manthra can be considered as one of the most important of all mantras. The main objective of this portal is to chalk down and refine what I have conceived and concluded so far. I don’t usually take the short cut of gathering info from books and other blogs, but rather like to take time and think on various aspects of what is happening around me and make my own conclusion. It’s not that I don’t read books but I give equal weight-age to all sources of knowledge. Since in India we have a tradition to discuss and debate on every aspect of knowledge with wise to get all angles of perception on a topic, I thought of putting forward a portal to put forward what is in my mind and discuss the same from other potentials. The topics can be anything that we can think of but my focus will be more towards some of the oldest set of questions that every “Hindu” is looking forward to : - Who am I? - What is the purpose of this sense of life? I would like to put forward a series of topics and conclusion that I have in my mind in the above direction through this portal. The idea is not to seek a series of opinions on those topics in the open, just like any other social media platforms, but to refine the conclusion so far. The result can be converging with similar set of thoughts or it can be diverging as we get more possibilities from other potentials. I would like everyone of you to mail me your thoughts to my email id : vineet@gayathrimanthra.com and I will try to moderate and conclude the opinion so far on my blog. So once again I would like to conclude with the above manthra as it is the same request to the path to enlightenment. OHM BHUR BHUVA SWA THATH SAVITHUR VARENYAM BHARGO DEVASSYA DHI MAHI DHIYO YO NNA PRAJOTHATYAATH.

:- Vineeth Kumar (Webmaster : Gayathrimanthra.com)

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