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A word on Enlighten The World Project

Gayathrimanthra.com is one of the leading portal for sharing information on the essence of the Hindu literature and tradition. I consider "Gayathri" is the source of all knowledge and hence the name for this portal.
There are some reason for me to start this project. First, just like any other, source of knowledge, the greatest challenge that the Hindu literature and traditions face, is mis-interpretation and pseudo-insight. Since most of the literature uses Sanskrit as the base language, the chances of mis-interpretation is much greater. Each word in Sanskrit gives a wide range of meaning, depending on the context and single mis-spell can cause a drastic change in the meaning. Most of the rituals are mis-interpreted in the same way, and many are marked as superstitions.
The Enlighten The World project is mainly focusing on removing this mis-interpretations, pseudo-insights and to bring out the truth. Hence the aim for this project will be to:
    To create an environment to share information related any Hindu ritual, text or traditions, in a simple but precise way, which everyone who know English can understand.
    Providing links to open forums on discussion of specific topics.
    Provide a portal to present ideas, transliterations, white-papers, pictures, text, which everyone can review and share, keeping the authenticity of the author.

Please let me know if we can incorporate more sections to this project at my email id mentioned below.

How can one participate in this?

This project is not focusing on answering all your queries on specific topics. You can always register on our open forum for that and place your page there for that.
For articles on ideas, transliterations, white papers and texts.
    Those who have a good knowledge in Hindu literature or philosophy and who wish to present their ideas, transliterations, white-papers, text, can publish the same for free through Gayathrimanthra.com. All these will be published initially as first draft, which will be reviewed and commented upon for some time ( minimum of 30 days ).
    All comments and reviews will be done trough the open forum.
    All articles will be published in digitally signed PDF format (which will keep the authors authenticity), and will be strictly guarded by the laws against plagiarism. You can send me the article in any document format, if you don't have the technology to create PDF files. I will do that for you.
    All articles which got approved in this level will be marked as the intermediate draft and will be evaluated by a panel of experts related to the context or topic of the article. The author can have sessions with this panel and clarify any doubts.
    Once the expert panel as approved the version, this article will be published through the portal in your name.
For pictures illustration on pictures.
    All pictures will be initially published after basic review through the open gallery for a period of 30 days. You can sent me the same at my email id mentioned in the end. All pictures should be in JPEG or PNG format so that we can publish them easily.
    The illustrations or comments will also be given through the gallery.
    Once the picture gets the appropriate rating and is fit approved as fit to publish, with the illustrations, these will be published in PDF format through the portal in the owners name. The picture will also be water marked for keeping the authenticity.
Gayathrimanthra.com is totally Ad free and non-commercial (except for services we provide). Hence you should not include any private logo or watermarks of other portals, companies or publishers, on the article or picture that you are planning to publish.
You can sent all your articles and pictures to my email id vineet@gayathrimanthra.com

If this site has been of help to you in providing the resource, please DONATE to sustain this.

:- Vineeth Kumar (Webmaster : Gayathrimanthra.com)